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David Anderson - About the Author

David Anderson is a safari specialist and photographer, renowned for his knowledge of safari destinations. Prior to his current career, Anderson worked in the fields of education, manufacturing, finance, labor relations, and consulting.

He became captivated by Africa after a five-week trip to Kenya in 1978. Two years later, he planned and organized his first safari for a small group of friends. In 1985, he turned his hobby into a new career and formed David Anderson Safari Consultants. Over the years, he has designed hundreds of safaris and personally escorted over fifty.

Concerned with declining tourism in Africa and the inevitable impact that this was having on endangered wildlife, Anderson organized the Focus on Africa Project in 1993. The photographs taken on the project appear in his first book, Focus on Africa: Wildlife, Conservation and Man. He returned to Africa in 2004 accompanied by 141 photographers to capture the images which appear in his new book, On Safari. Next to his 560-page masterpiece, don’t miss the companion website (which you are on), www.onsafari.info.

Anderson’s photography was recognized in 1995 by South Africa Airways, which produced a multimedia workshop for the travel industry titled Wings of Africa. He traveled throughout the United States and as far away as Australia and New Zealand, sharing his knowledge with travel agents. In addition to consulting with South Africa Airways, he has assisted the Kenya Tourist Board and South African Tourism with marketing strategies to develop responsible and sustainable ecotourism.

Working with organizations like Freedom from Hunger and Conservation International, he continues to address important conservation and humanitarian issues that impact the quality of life on our planet. In February 2006, Anderson begins a tour with Dr. Richard Leakey, addressing the role that ecotourism plays in conservation.

A visionary, Anderson predicted the impact that the Internet was going to have on how consumers would make buying decisions. In 1996, he created one of the very first Internet websites to provide information on African safaris. Anderson, who lives in Santa Barbara, California, but whose true spiritual home is Africa, travels there frequently i search of knowledge, adventure and to practice the art of visual communication through photograph.

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