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FAQ - Ask a Safari question?

::David Anderson answers the most frequently asked questions ::

Why Africa?
Because Africa is safari country. A safari is one of the greatest experiences of a lifetime. It is like no other travel experience; it is like a journey into creation. There is no place else in the world where you can see traditional villages, tribes and prehistoric landscapes populated by untamed wildlife surviving with the same natural instinct, spontaneity and freedom since time immemorial. And, this can all be experienced without sacrificing the creature comforts to which modern men and women have become accustomed. On our safaris you experience Africa in style and comfort.

What will I see on safari?
The greatest profusion of animal, bird and plant life on earth. You roam across the countryside in search of elephant, lion, rhino, Cape buffalo and leopard (the Big Five of Kenya and Tanzania). You will encounter wildebeest, zebra, gazelle, giraffe, baboon, hippo and monkey in great numbers and jackal, hyena and cheetah... the list goes on. The bird life is infinite in its variety and form. There are flowers from the giant baobab and mahogany to the tiny whistling thorn. And there will be morning rainbows, mirages in the afternoon, and moonlit, star-filled nights.

Why OnSafari now?
During the past twenty years man has destroyed much of the wildlife, which has roamed the African plains for over 2 million years. Countries, which have a healthy tourist industry have taken steps to prevent the loss of this great natural resource. OnSafari will call attention to the magic of an African safari and will provide a much needed resource tool so people can see for themselves what an African safari has to offer. This will then help many struggling countries, which have been hit hard by the global recession and the ending of the cold war.

Isn’t there a lot of trouble in Africa?
Africa is a continent four times larger than the United States. The chances of you being the victim of crime are extremely small, probably less than the town you live in. David Anderson Safari Consultants only travels to African countries that are as safe or safer than large U.S. cities. You will be advised as to the U.S. State Department’s cautions on traveling in Africa should they occur.

How far in advance should I book my safari?
We recommend you book 3-4 months in advance. Space is very limited on some of the safaris. Avoid disappointment and book early. Most of the Focus on Africa 1993 safaris were completely filled.

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