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By: David Anderson
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Unlike travel to many other destinations, Africa requires input from an experienced safari specialist. I strongly advise against putting together an itinerary yourself through Internet research. For most people, an African safari is one of the most expensive holidays they will take, so it pays to seek the expertise of a seasoned professional.
Over the past twenty-four years I’ve traveled to Africa at least twice a year and have visited every major game park and private reserve in East and Southern Africa. I‘ve also visited most of the camps and lodges featured in On Safari and inspected close to 100 others.

I would like to share some of my thoughts on planning the ultimate adventure travel experience - an African safari. But, before we start planning, let me address the major concerns for Americans.


 “Is it safe?” In my opinion the safest place to be is on safari in wildlife sanctuaries, far away from mankind. I believe those of you who have been to Africa on a preplanned safari organized by a specialist company will agree with me.

Risk-Benefit Analysis

While in college, I was taught the importance of recognizing opportunities and accurately predicting the costs associated with exploiting the opportunities. The dangers awaiting the first adventure travelers to Africa were certainly greater than those we face today. However, it still comes down to accurately accessing the risk against the gains.

Louise - a lady in her 50’s - joined me on the first safari that I escorted in 1980. She grew up in Bangor, Maine and her travels had consisted of going to Boston once. Now she was about to go to Kenya via Rome, with a stop over in Egypt on the return to see the pyramids. Do you think that trip gave her a new perspective of the world? Even today, most Americans have not experienced most of the world, and I find that troubling.

What are the benefits of going beyond our boundaries in a quest for knowledge and adventure? To answer that question from the perspective of those that have traveled to Africa, page 2 has a few of their comments:

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